First Annual Klamfoth Classic September 3rd & 4th


Saturday, September 3, 2022 - Sunday, September 4, 2022

Join us on labor day weekend for the first annual John Hinderer Powerstore Honda Hills Klamfoth Classic.

General Info

Everyone must have a wristband on at all times. All riders must be current AMA members to Practice and Race. Final race orders will be determined each day. Tune into 95.1 for practice and race broadcast.

Race Fees
Saturday Practice: $30 Per Sticker/Group
$30 Amateur Classes
$40 "A" Classes, 200% Payback

Gate Fees
Friday $20.00
Saturday $15.00
Sunday $15.00

Practice Rules
DO NOT CUT THE TRACK. Even in the starting area.
Relax. It's practice, be courteous to those around you.
Obey all safety workers, and caution flags, no jumping on yellow or red cross. Period.

OMA and AMA Membership Required to race

OMA Race At Honda Hills

Dick Klamfoth - Hall of Fame Inductee

Weekend Schedule

- Gates open 4-10, $20.00
- Sign Up 5pm-8pm

- Gates Open - 6:30am-10pm, $15
- Sign Up - 6:30am-8pm
- Practice Bikes and Quads - 8am-1:30pm
- Quad/PW50 Riders Meeting at 2pm
- Quad/PW50 Race Practice at 2:30pm
- Quad/PW50 Race Program to follow practice

Saturday Practice Order: 8am-1:30pm
1. A/B Bike
2. C Bike
3. Supermini/85cc
4. Vet 30+/Women
5. 65cc
6. Schoolboy/125cc/Supermini
7. Big Quads
8. 50cc Bike
9. Mini Quads

- Gates Open -6:30am, $15
- Dirtbike sign up 6:30am-8:30am
- Practice (3 lap)- 8am
- Racing to follow practice

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