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Honda Hills is a prestigious facility know accross the country and has created a large buzz since acquiring and refurbishing the property for re-opening. A buzz not only in the motorsports world, but also in different industries and teh whole community in general as the facility will be used for many different styles of events. We have a large audience reach including Newark, Zanesville, Columbus, Cambridge, all over Ohio, all over the USA. Facebook Reach 2,422,032 people in 2021, our first year. Tens of thousands of attendees of a wide variety vist Honda Hills all year long. WIth only one limited year under our belt, this is only the beginning and we will continue to grow in all aspects for many years to come! Join our team to advertise your business with us as we have a big year ahead at HH.

  • The return of our Spring Fest and Fall Fest, the inaugural HH Reunion, open motocross rides, and bringing back motocross racing at Honda Hills for the first time since 2005, it’s safe to say 2022 is going to be exciting!
  • Ohio Motocross Association projects our race on Sept 3-4 will likely be the biggest MX race in Ohio in 2022!
  • We also have an opening for our first ever TITLE SPONSOR! Honda Hills presented by “YOUR COMPANY”.
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